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Do people know what you’re made of?

“Creating a memorable brand is like distilling a spirit. It’s not ready for the world until it’s perfect—and we labor over it and refine it until we achieve just that.”

Our team of designers have worked with the finest distilleries, breweries and wineries in the world, from South Africa and Brazil to California and Kentucky. We invite you to contact us about what our craft can do for your craft.



It's the golden age of craft beer. With a surge in small, independently owned breweries and increasingly unique beverages comes the need for finely crafted brands. Let us brew up something just for you.



Here in Kentucky, spirits means bourbon. And here at Shatterbox, we share our state’s pride in our home liquor. But we also shape brands for spirits of all types, from cachaça to vodka.



From grape to glass, the elegance and hard work behind every step of the wine industry deserves only the finest in design. Shatterbox has experience working with vineyards and wine importers across the globe.



It’s not just about the spirit anymore—it’s about the distillery. From website creation and product development to wayfinding and signage, we can make your distillery a true destination as well as an integral piece of your overall brand.

Spirits Glasses

Leave no doubt—there’s no better product than yours.

Whether you’re brewing, distilling, bottling or distributing, you pour your heart and soul into your spirits. Don’t let that hide inside the bottle or behind the tap. At Shatterbox, it’s our mission to align what’s outside the bottle with what’s inside.

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